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Wonderful Wood Carvings

When the street, I see the empty fields that are likely to be made the home modern nuances, because there is a square box of cement for the floor or foundation of the house. From the same street and different day, start the structure of buildings made of wood look. Day by day starts to look precarious roof is mounted is made of clay. This is the Joglo Kudus Architecture, I've ever seen from time to time.
Epictravelers - Characteristic of Joglo Kudus
Image Reference: The front page of Joglo Kudus
This Joglo Kudus owner is Priyo. When I came to this house, I met to Herman and Eko who are building around the garden courtyard. After I told the intent or purpose I came to this house. I was allowed to take pictures as media reviews and journals I created today. I am very happy, because my intent or purpose to research Joglo house got a good impression to a site "The Collection Joglo House of Java". In addition, as a media of communication channel "Rumah Budaya" located in Yogyakarta. However I was very uncomfortable to Priyo, as the owner of this Joglo house. And at other times I would come back to this house to seek more knowledge to him.
Joglo Kudus Architecture
Joglo Kudus is one of Joglo Kudus Architecture the Wonderful Wood Carvings the artistic and cultural heritage in Java. Joglo Kudus house is one of the forms of ancient architecture, that exist in today's world; who didn't experience a lot of changes, especially forms a very beautiful carvings. The ancient architectural form is a form of building that adorns the detail of a house and especially the beauty of the craft. So many of the Java people who choose from the excess of this house, although the effort to build this house doesn't require the cost isn't small. Similarly the level of care that must be handled by experts.
Good design of Joglo Kudus
Image Reference: Joglo Kudus Building
Joglo Kudus is a wealth of creative works by hand of artists with power of imagination, mindset, perseverance and their creations. Joglo Kudus is a symbolic or greatness the "House of King" on the wealth of art from rural life the prosperous. Also visible on the doorknob that value simplicity and give social feeling very high value, so that communities and leaders aligned. Another illustration is simple and plain, but has a price of value, which doesn't include about an excessive values.
Epic travelers - Wonderful Wood Carvings
Image Reference: Wonderful Wood Carvings
General discourse
When asking about the name, this house doesn't yet have a name. According to Herman gave the name of traditional Javanese house usually uses Javanese culture, such as giving the baby's name was born, so that many Javanese people who use Javanese custom.
Joglo Kudus was built on a land area of about 6000 meters, and the house is located on the north side of the land. According to Herman will be built as well Joglo house similar on the south side and the back side of the house, because there has been are special signs for the future building plans. This house a total area of approximately 10 x 12 meters.
The ambiance of the park is still under construction, because the house has not been long standing. While the north side and the west side has been neatly with ornamental grasses. On the west side there is also a fish pond about 8-10 m, to play swan / aquatic animals.
Around the courtyard there are also various collections of plants. This tree I have never seen before around the park or elsewhere. These trees are from abroad, a said Hermawan. The names of the trees are also very beautiful. Hermawan knows little and can not remember the names of the other trees, next time I will be back to try to ask it to Priyo as the owner of the house, to inform for lovers of Java House.
The Joglo Kudus is one of the highest values of unique wood carving quality and is made by wooden craftsman, and becomes symbolic of the Culture House on the island of Java.
Read also in Exploring the Post Reference: (Rumah Budaya The Wonderful Indonesia) opens in new window.
This joglo house is installed with assembling system, then moved in this place from the home town of Javanese home. Estimated Joglo house is worth 1.5 - 2 billion purchased in City of Kudus Central Java. The new house is very visible especially the golden brown color. If distinguished between old houses will be seen from the dark brown color of the house. Yea ... this is a bit of a comparison in terms of color and not of wood quality.
If we look from the front on the roof of the house has a model of "Limas". The terrace section is a sliding door to open the first door.The start where the classical ornaments adorn the front of the house. This house is a traditional Javanese house feel of the City of Kudus. When entered in front of the house, wooden carvings look very detailed, and Joglo house building is made of quality teak tree. It also reinforced with carvings that look neat engraved on the front side. Quality wood paint is very visible, so the result was perfect.
In the front part of the roof terrace there is a series of wood and neatly align for moisture barrier when it rains.
The front of this Joglo house there are three main doors, while the main entrance is in the middle or toward the driveway. The main door there is a beams and reinforced with triangular wood carving.
Room nuances
Image Reference: Nuance House of Java
In the living room there are four poles, and are arranged neatly terraced wood with carvings that adorn the ceiling of the house. Classic lights also decorate the living room section as a light the room. At this point there is also a classic furniture for sitting, chatting, drinking coffee or relax with family.
When inside the house there are crevices of light around the room. Crevices of light this were also found in the corners of the room at the top of the house. This section functions as air circulation, so thaht the room gets enough air and can regulate the humidity of the room. In addition, the function of the air cools the wood while it is hot so that the wood remains durable and especially in wood paint.
After walking around the house Joglo take video, I rest and lots of chatting with Herman and Eko while drinking tea bottles and exchanging knowledge about the Java home. I want to know a lot about their experiences in the world of Joglo Java and my introduction to them.
Thus is the holiday of Joglo Kudus Architecture Wonderful Wood Carvings the private home or Joglo Java house owned by Priyo.
General Info
  • Name of the house: Not yet ...
  • Category: Joglo Unique.
  • Status of home: Privat.
  • Developer of building: Priyo.
  • Land area: ± 8000 meters.
  • Built of year: 2012.
  • Address: Hidden.
  • Teacher of discourse: Hermawan, and Eko
Duration: 3:53
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