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Monday, June 03, 2013

Wayang Kulit Yogyakarta

Wayang (Shadow Puppet) known since prehistoric times ie about 1500 years before Masehi. Indonesian society embracing animist beliefs form of worship ancestral spirits called Hyang or Dahyang, manifested in the form of a statue or picture. Shadow puppet of Java, also known by the name Ringgit Wacucal or in soft language.

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Wayang Kulit or Ringgit Wacucal
Wayang Kulit or Ringgit Wacucal
Wayang is an Indonesian traditional arts are mainly developing in Java and Bali. Wayang has been recognized by UNESCO, as the work of an amazing culture in the field of narrative story and legacy of beautiful and valuable (Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity).
Puppet deployment in Indonesia has a variety of arts performances and activities, such as : Wayang Golek, Wayang Person or Wayang Wong, Wayang of Hero, Wayang Kancil or Puppet for small children or the classic story contains tales the Java community and now the era of 2006 appears Puppet Artists such as singer and movie artists hero. Wayang Golek is more real to such as doll, Wayang Person (Wong) ordinary into the drama category Ketoprak and Ramayana. While this ordinary Wayang Kancil for the kids or a fairy tale.

Shadow puppets played by Dalang. Dalang of shadow puppet is to play a sound at a time of a story. The other is to run Kepyek on foot and Cempala at the hands. Kepyek is a companion while doing a story, and then the Cempala serves as a beater and sounded when opening or when running puppet Arts.
Wall a shadow puppet called Gebyok. Lamp lighting is called Blencong. In the modern era, Blencong didn't use the usual flame lights, but now using electric lights. While Gedebok or banana trees serves as a stick wayang.
The surplus is the art of puppet can be viewed from the front or from behind the scenes. In addition, puppet art can also be enjoyed through the radio.
The singer in Wayang art called by the Javanese is Sinden, Sinden serves as a carrier of a song or singer. Sinden wherever it is called, for example : Art jathilan, Uyon-Uyon song or Langam Java song, kethoprak art, Campur Sari song. And music for Java called gamelan. In order not to far behind the age, music of Shadow puppet has been equipped with modern tools such as : Keyboard or orjen and drums. For song has been varied such as : campursari song, dangdut songs, folk songs, songs of the archipelago, Java song and even pop songs in English language. While the story of wayang, amongst others : Srikandi, Goro-goro and others.
In Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta Special Region, Art shadow puppets can be heard on radio stations and local television channels in Yogyakarta. Ranging from small puppeteers or puppet art the performed by puppeteers adults. While in radio show broadcast almost every day, which can be heard by the public. In addition to the efforts to preserve the art and culture, through electronic media channels as well as inspire the community to express thanksgiving or send a letter to someone, friend, etc. Greetings we may be delivered by a radio announcer when pause or when advertising.

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