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Depok Beach Jogjakarta

Depok Beach Jogjakarta

Depok Beach is located Parangtritis region of Bantul district and one of the tourist paradise in Yogyakarta Special Region. If travelers had entered the Parangtritis Beach, travelers can get through the road to the right after the entrance post. Depok Beach is famous for its huge waves such as Parangtritis Beach. Wind speed range 2-4m / sec with an average wave height of 2-4 meters with a soft sand class. The Javanese, this beach is the most important beach and a series of epic beaches located on the Selatan Beach. Many tourists who don't hesitate to visit in this place to take photos and as a tourism attractions, cool breeze, fresh air is also especially exotic panoramic beauty of the south coast.
Epic travelers - Depok Beach Jogjakarta
Image Reference: Visitors view Depok Beach
Explore Depok Beach
If you get to the beach Depok, Depok beach seems not far from the beach Parangtritis. Therefore, Depok Beach is a place that is included in the area of Parangtritis Beach. Because the limestone mountains are still visible from the coast of Depok. If we walk to west, visible sand dune sea. Tourists can hunt panoramic blue sea water. But more than that, Depok Beach into a delicious seafood sales center.
Depok beach was inaugurated as culinary tourism area by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Jero Wacik a few years ago.
Mr. Jero Wacik in his speech suggested that the owner of the fish stalls further improve the freshness of the fish and improve the service. With friendly service, tourists who come will bring memories and love to be able to expand the tourist image. So as to accelerate the world of development of the Depok coast tour, as well as introducing culinary tourism in the beach Yogyakarta.
Culinary cuisine of seafood
In addition to offering fish from the sea from this place. The coastal community also provides freshwater fish from local communities. The typical food of this beach is fried shrimp, fried fish, food chips and others. Travelers can purchase at varying price in each of the kiosks.
Depok Beach has become a destination for local visitor of Yogyakarta and surrounding areas, in addition to fresh fish to choose whatever you like. Visitors can buy fish directly from the fishermen when after returning to catch fish in the sea.
If the travelers want to choose a fish with a catch from a fishing pole or fish from a kiosk that has been provided by the local community. Travelers also can order dishes from the fish we catch, many stalls business or a kind of restaurants that provides cooking services that exist around the place. This is the most special thing for the visitors, and best expert cook Depok Beaches that are ready to cook, and serving fish dishes of our choice.
Not enough in Depok Beach Jogjakarta. Tourists can also review and add the good new experiences around Parangtritis area. Epic travelers can also travel to Parangtritis Beach, a popular beach on the south coast of Yogyakarta.
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Before heading there, tourists can also stop by to places of interest tourist destinations along this beach, among others: Gumuk Pasir Parang Kusumo, and Parang Kusumo Beach. Hopefully in your journey of fun in this place.
Hotels and Motel
Around Depok Beach Yogyakarta there is also a Hotels and Motel. Sort of a managed hotel to serve transit customers. Travelers can enjoy coffee and food at the lodge.
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