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Insights of Tourism Activity

Insights of Tourism Activity

Welcome to the short tour exploring the tourist paradise. Travelers certainly already get a lot of Basic Information of Tourism, about the exploration: "Gate Charm of Tourism Yogyakarta Indonesia", "Performing Arts and Culture Yogyakarta", as well as "Traditions and Culture Yogyakarta". Insights of Tourism Activity is an insight as a complementary activity only. The great travel to explore.
Epic travelers - Insights of Tourism Activity
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• Rumah Budaya
The unique and the beauty of the house which is the basis of Javanese culture. Discover the various activities of Indonesian artists and foreign artists in the diplomatic relations of arts and social culture.
In Rumah Budaya, travelers can find activity of ASIA TRI JOGJA. Asia Tri Jogja is an arts and cultural festival that is attended by approximately 10 countries that have joined on "Rumah Budaya" festival. Many of the artists who combine their music to return to the same means or purpose in establishing this festival.
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• Rural Creative - Traditional Education
"Rural Creative" is a rural activity whose main aim is to create rustic ability to try as activities that are educational, but especially used for students. "Rural Creative" is an activity of a rural tourist activities, but the tourists have to try and utilize an activity with the life of the village. We are considers these activities really interesting as the intent and purpose of the information development of rural areas.
"Rural Creative" is the development and expansion of activities derived from the "Tourism Village", but this activity is carried out by "Non - Tourism Village". Improving the quality of education they provide isn't much different at the "Tourism Village" and even has a superior value than expected.
We got a lot of useful information about adventure and our research. In addition to being a journal as well as a guide in LIVE-IN Traditional Education Series.
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• Live in - Traditional Education
Note: Only the student training activities
LIVE-IN is a friendly activity, following family and community activities in the countryside of Yogyakarta. Activities learn to live with peoples and have fun to get a life and a wonderful experience with new family. While the main goal is to follow the activities of the family and learn from the things that most small for students to learn from life in the countryside, especially in new families of students living in rural areas.
• Visit on Business
In Yogyakarta, there are about 15,000 micro-enterprises that can be learned and as a vehicle for education in business, and micro-enterprises into "Business Tourism" that may have travelers get through the "Visit on Business".
"Visit on Business" we can choose how the level of reliability and survey to pioneer the field of business. In addition to it being one of the challenges for the study start and learn from small things.
"Visit on Business" is a means of education and sharing experiences about the businesses that have been successful in their fields. "Visit on Business", travelers can look for a lot of things around the business, handling, real insights visits, practice until complete business management.
• Joglo Java Buildings
Joglo taken from the structure of the ancient building of Java. The house is synonymous with classic houses and have the values of Java culture are very high. Java house has a simple design concept, but it has a structural arrangement, and style of building highly complex. Joglo Java has many architectural and models, all the reviews in private homes and also used for the public will be obtained from each of the Characters and their interesting stories in building a Javanese house.
Building of "Joglo Java" into a beautiful home with its predecessor in Java, as the house that has the design and architecture of epic house and have a high attraction. In addition Joglo House building is a beautiful house and environmentally friendly.
Joglo Java is believed from the first to address the problem of vibration such as incident in Yogyakarta a few years ago. So, Joglo house has become building epic in dealing with the problem since the days of the ancestors in Java.
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• University and the Academy
University and Academy is a vehicle for education to build a civilization of human resources quality. List the name of the University and Academy as one of the favorite choices for students learning knowledge. We'll get a superior education: the faculty of language and arts, faculty of education sciences, faculty of mathematics, business developers, natural science, social faculty, engineering, sports, computers, office - management, economics and so on.
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