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Siung Beach of Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Siung Beach of Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Siung Beach is a beach located in Gunungkidul Regency of Yogyakarta, and is one of the favorite tourist paradise and the best beach in Yogyakarta. Siung will complete the epic beautiful coastal scenery with views of the charming sand on the coast. Siung Beach; wind speeds ranging from 2 - 4 meters / seconds with an average wave height of 2 - 4 meters and still one of the epic coastline on the Pantai Selatan.
The beauty of this beach is orange sand with a little white color, spectacular beauty of the mountains, route climbing and some parts are rocks on the coast. More interestingly, the traveler can do the activities of hunting shells and fish on this beach.
Trip and Roads
If epic explorers have been to the Sundak beach, travelers are still driving or traveling about 5 kilometers, precisely eastward Sundak Beach. Prior to Siung beach, travelers still tax or entry fee to complete your destination. Lovers of private vehicle use, while tourists may entrust the vehicle parked near the food stalls. More specifically travelers can park in the garage roofed to cool the engine during the trip.
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Exploring Siung Beach
Epic travelers - Siung Beach of Gunungkidul Yogyakarta
Image Reference: Travelers awesome in Gunung Kidul of Yogyakarta
Before tourists want to know more about Siung Beach, it's good to take a break and get to know the environment around the beach. Travelers will like to see it first while sitting down to pick up the exact destination or direction of the trip later, such as for surveys and get to know more on Siung beach. Travelers can make plans for steps or trips at this point.
Meanwhile tourists can rest in a cool place with a typical sea breeze. Travelers can fill the break with a soft drink. In addition, travelers can relieve thirst and enjoy joking with friends to relieve fatigue, also to purify the mind during the journey.
If the travelers has a lot of free time, the travelers can immediately do the adventure and explore the shoreline up to the top. At that time many childrens looking for something among the rocks. The desire to know their activities on the beach, I tried to see what they saw on the reef; It turned out they were more pleased to look for shells and fish. More interestingly, I like their activities to compete to find something between the reefs. This of course adds a wonderful experience to play with them on the beach and be my goal with them to have fun playing in the sea water. Besides it being one of the traveleres activities on this beach.
After playing with them, we plan to climb the hill on the east side. Little challenges and travel routes to reach the hills. Not forgetting for one of my goals is to hunt for photos on this Siung hill.
Once up the hill; Siung Beach is cool, so the fatigue starts to erode and start enjoying the beauty of the beach more fun for other travelers. Many travelers try to explore to collaborate with the epic beauty of the beach and the beauty of the surrounding hills. Travelers can also hunt for cool photos in this place, as a complementary photo "Albums The Epic Travelers in Gunungkidul - Yogyakarta".
Travelers Siung Beach
Comrades who are on vacation in this place, also more interested to take photos of this hill. As memories and stories about Siung Beach to friends of relatives. Many travelers on Siung Beach upload social accounts or Social Media status (SocMed).
Besides enjoying the beauty of Siung Beach, I also saw some fishing boats not for fishing. They are may be taking a break for today. Siung Beach is also a dock for the fishermen after fishing in the sea. Travelers can see their boat neatly lined up. This is so awesome for travelers see from the hills.
If the stomach travelers already feel hungry. Yea ... take the time to try the food sold in this place, such as: Mie Ayam, Bakso and a variety of fried foods available in this place. Travelers can also enjoy a young coconut thirst on this beach.
Hunting souvenirs
As a gift at home for Family or relatives, buy souvenirs and typical foods Siung also never be forgotten; as a sign of affection to the family at home. Travelers can do when traveling with friends and it would be better to bond your family at home.
Done already adventures today about Siung Beach of Gunungkidul Yogyakarta. Warm greetings from tourists who plan to travel on Siung Beach Yogyakarta. And add a list of trips for you or gain your first new experience in this place. Enjoy your Epic world, the great travel to explore. Happy traveling.
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
Copyright 2013 EPICtravelers.COM

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