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Merapi Volcano Tour

Merapi Volcano Tour

Hhii ... Brothers, want to feel the long holiday trace-Merapi Volcano by using a Jeep car. This is a new journey that not all of us get on some tours in Yogyakarta, traveling by jeep-car or motorcycle-trail not all people have. Now, we can feel Merapi Tour traveling by hire Jeep-car or motorcycles Trail which is already provided in Kinahrejo Village.

Permalink to Merapi Volcano TourLarge yard of the eruption of Mount Merapi last year, is now widely utilized as a tourist area Taur. If we do a long holiday activities at Merapi Volcano Tour, there are some delightful destination.

When we vacation in Kinahrejo Kepuhharjo Cangkringan Yogyakarta, we can select several options path taken between 16 kilometers away or 30 miles away. Pathway including to Kaliadem, Kali Gendol, Kaliurang nature tourist and others. In addition it offers a lot of options and different places or destinations using a Jeep-car.

Many options the transportation interesting because Merapi provide 20 more cool Jeep car. Jeep car more fun with the roof open. This jeep vehicle output 1944-1960 is still a collection of vehicles people Jogja jeep-car lovers. Jeep-car is one of the alternative vehicle to conquer the steep terrain on the slopes of Mount Merapi Tour dominated by rocks and sand. We can use the jeep-car or driving around and take photos with friends, when we find something we think is a place that attracts our attention. This is our chance to this place with a jeep car, jeep-car is likely to be shifted to another place. Hopefully for jeep-cars will be there forever to receive you, when visiting places Kinahrejo Village.

For those who can not do or hesitate to use transport or Jeep-car, there is also a special driver that equipped with some of information and at the same time as a tourist guides. At this point, anyone who can drive a vehicle with a valid driver's license, the local tourists and foreign tourists can also use their own vehicle and use the vehicle for a time agreed upon by the parties tenants. Meanwhile, we can also rent a motorbike-trail that can be used to offroads. For those who want to use the motorbike-trail, mostly for motorbike-trail only a predetermined place. But it is not a problem for your holiday that fun.

Travelers who are happy with nighttime tours, in this place also provides for guests. All packaged for tourists who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the evening cool slopes of the Merapi volcano and complete with a bonfire. Or stay at this place, more travelers are happy to do camping or Barbeque.

It was great fun do dinner with my friends or family we love to enjoy the simple Barbeque. Plus invite a friend who accompanied or tourist guides to this location. We can also interesting information about Merapi volcano a few years ago while enjoying a warm drink coffee. Really complete we obtain vacation of several aspects such as : about cruising Merapi and information Mount Merapi.
OK ... Brothers. Our greetings epictravelers.

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