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Merapi Volcano Tour

Merapi Volcano Tour

Merapi is a blue background and an epic Jogja tourist spot on the north side. Mount Merapi is one of the most popular destinations in Yogyakarta and part of the rides of education tourism, trakking, explore, camps, playground, adventure, research and more. Tourists can find many tourist menus and places of interest around the slopes of Merapi in Yogyakarta. In the tour of Mount Merapi and Adventure Jeep Merapi Yogyakarta, travelers can feel the trail of the holiday on Mount Merapi by using Jeep rental. It's a new journey that isn't all of travelers get some tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. Traveling by jeep car maybe isn't owned by everyone. Now, travelers can feel the trip to Lava Tour Merapi Yogyakarta Adventure with Jeep rental that has been provided along epic roads in the village of Kinahrejo. Tourists can also follow the trail of Merapi by riding a trail bike around the slopes of Merapi.
Epic Merapi Memories
Epic travelers - Merapi Volcano Tour
Image Reference: Tourist attraction of Merapi Volcano
Photo Pasca Merapi 2010
After Merapi the year 2010 is now widely used as a tourist area and the best epic road adventure attraction in Yogyakarta. If travelers conduct a long vacation at Merapi Tour and Jeep Merapi Yogyakarta, there are some destinations where the fun to you. Travelers can follow explore, trekking for nature and loving adventure. Surely with plenty of adventure and your adrenaline readiness. Travelers can enjoy and watch a green panoramic views, and the beautiful of the trip with a blue background around the Merapi mountains. Tourists can experience incredible in this place. This always joyful and happiness to travelers.
Read also in Exploring the Post Reference: (Lava Tour Kaliadem Merapi Yogyakarta - Merapi Memories 2006) opens in new window.
Travel Adventure menu on Merapi Tour
When travelers vacationed in Kinahrejo Kepuharjo Cangkringan Yogyakarta, travelers can choose several options path taken between 16 kilometers or 30 miles away. Epic roads on the adventure include to Kaliadem, Deles, Gendol, Museum Merapi, Ullen sentalu, Kaliurang, Kali Boyong. In addition, traveler can visit in various other epic places. So many menu and experience you can get in this adventure. This all around the slopes of Merapi in Yogyakarta. In addition to offering many options and different places or destinations Jeep the Volcano Tour. In this adventure travelers can know the atmosphere around the slopes of Mount Merapi.
In this place, many attractive transport option because around the slopes of Mt Merapi provide service approximately 800 jeep. Travelers can follow the high performance jeep to get to Merapi tour. Jeep car more fun with the roof open. This Jeep is a collection from 1944 to 1960, which has now become one of the favorite vehicles in Jogja and travel lovers on the slopes of Merapi. Discover the many options outposts Jeep Merapi with a tour package or a ticket that will be ready to take you to the destination in Tourism Merapi.
Epictravelers - Jeep Lava Tour of Merapi
Image Reference: Jeep Lava Tour of Merapi
Jeep car, is one of the alternative vehicle to conquer the rugged terrain on the slopes of Merapi Tour dominated by the rocks and sand. Travelers will be accompanied by a special driver who is equipped with some information as well as a travel guide. Travelers can follow the car or jeep around the tour and take pictures with friends during the trip on the tour of Merapi. When a travelers finds something new and exciting somewhere, here's a chance for travelers in this place with a jeep to take pictures.
Motorcycle facilities to offroads
Meanwhile, travelers can also rent a motorcycle that can be used to offroads. At this point, anyone who can drive a vehicle with a valid driver's license, the local and foreign tourists can also use their own vehicle, and use the vehicle for the time agreed upon by the tenants. For those who want to use the motorcycle, just in one place that has been determined by the service. But it wasn't a problem in your holiday to have fun in the adventure at slopes of Merapi.
When travelers feel hungry can take a temporary resting place. In this adventure, travelers can find traditional food the slopes of Mount Merapi. Travelers can ask the tour guide, about Hotels and restaurants so that travelers can easily make your the longer trip on the slopes of Merapi. Discover the diverse culture and unique home for your vacation as comfortable as possible.
Night Tour of Merapi Slope
Travelers certainly very pleased with the tour of the night, in this place also provides for the guests. All volcano tour packaged for tourists who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the night cold slopes of Mount Merapi, and complete with a bonfire to stay at this place. Tourists can be happy with doing camping or barbecue.
During the Merapi Tour there are more fun with dinner with friends or family, we love to enjoy a simple barbecue. Plus invite friends who accompany this tour or a tour guide to this location. Travelers can also interesting information about Merapi volcano a few years ago while enjoying a warm drink epic coffee. Really complete to travelers obtain vacation of several aspects such as: about explore Merapi, residents around of Merapi, news Merapi or information Mount Merapi. Everything can be a story to add to the warm atmosphere of the night.
Merapi Volcano Tour is a great epic adventure world for you.
Jeep rental price
  • The jeep car rental price is divided into several parts of the tour: Merapi short route, medium route, long route.
    Show price: Rp 350.000 - Rp 500.000,-/unit. Tourists can follow the places of destination and standard time.
  • Travelers can be adventure in nature using about 60 jeeps (Group) at once to go together during a trip to the Merapi Tour.
  • Travelers can ride 2 - 4 people jeep.
Tips and Preparation the slopes of Merapi
The jeep driver will be your guide during the trip in Tour Lava. The travel of the tourists will last about 2 to 4 hours, and depending on the main purpose in the Merapi Tour.
Make sure you bring the following items:
  • Eyeglasses.
  • Nose Mask. (Anti-Allergy - dust or smoke of vehicles).
  • Camera or Video digital for your Adventure.
  • Travelers can also hire Photographers in Jeep Merapi in your trust post, whether photos or digital video.
  • During the Jeep Tour of Merapi, bring luggage as necessary only. Travelers can entrust the luggage in your trust post.
  • Hold the jeep tightly.
  • Water play with jeep in Kali Kuning.
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
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