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Tips on Activity Live in Education Part: 2

Hello ... a loyal reader, because the title-related article is too long and there are some additional reviews, then the article section; Tips on Activity Live in Education is separated into part 2. Our final note is "Prioritizing the best activities", and the next article about "Tips on Activity Live in Education Part: 2". This is the most important part of (Part: 1) concerning live in activities in rural areas.
Deskripsi : Extra lessons the EDUWISATA (Tourism Education)
Live in Education activities, Education Team in rural areas will also provide one of the tourist destinations. Additional experience in EDUWISATA (Education Tourism), each user is recommended only at the point where the main choice tourist destination.
Epic travelers - Tips on Activity Live in Education Part: 2
Live in Education Yogyakarta
Image Reference: SMP Santa Laurensia Alam Sutra Serpong, Tangerang Banten
Live in Education in rural area try not set a timetable for educational travel is more than one. Don't make Live in Education you are doing is called "Live in Education is FAILED". Because the purpose of this Live in Education isn't the destination for tours. But the Live in Education that prioritizes the independence in activities of new family; to change their unusual habits or routines. And besides their experience to be applied in the next life, also encourage the spirit them much better and share the excitement to people around or to anyone during their stay in the countryside.
Students can do for onward travel outside of activities Live in Education or after completion of the Live in Education in rural area.
If choosing solely for a holiday in a tourist spot, there may be plans after completion of the live in activities in the countryside with Jogja City Tour travel plans. But it would be more fun to focus more on the current activity as well.
G. Take advantage of a short break as well as possible
Utilizing a short break in the Live in as well as possible. As this is one of the main parts for students to maintain health and concentration in subsequent activities. Students are obliged to reduce the activity of play, because play will erode your activity stopped in the middle of the street.
In this way you can continuously control and follow the activities according to a predetermined schedule.
H. Keep health or conditions while living in the countryside
Students are required to maintain health, so that all activities can be followed properly. Education Team will constantly monitor the participants Live in is located in a rural environment in all activities. Education Team will control for 18 hours from 05:00 AM until 22:00 PM. Students can say to the Education Team, if you're not good health.
I. Follow the rules that have been given the Education Team
Education Team will provide the rules on "Live in Traditional Education" to keep things that aren't in want, such as: activities that cause injury, the pain, making things that have a negative impact on new families or in environment of rural communities. So Education Team will monitor strictly about students in Live in Education in rural area.
Education team is the team that runs the assignment of your Live in Education as a students. Live in Education Team is the second teacher who will guide the students as well as possible. The team was tasked to run the trust of a school teacher. So please don't blame the education team if it makes your Live in Education to be heavy in following the family life, residents or other activities that have been scheduled. Because it doesn't follow a predetermined schedule. Students can't blame to "Tim Education in Live in Education", because this is a "Live in Education" and the purpose of your creativity.
Description: About the Rules
From some of the rules listed in the activities "Tips on Activity Live in", all the reviews of this rule is to frame activities in the Education Team built in rural areas. But many students don't deviate from this rules. Education team didn't have a goal in any form of this rule, but they or the team of education maintain the quality standards of "Live in Educational Activities in Yogyakarta."
J. Notes and assignments
Student notes and assignments are given when heading to a new family in their home. School Teacher or Education Team will always give students notes and tasks. Notes and student assignments in the form of daily activities and the best activities during their stay in the countryside.
In this case; How good and interesting are the activities students do while living in the countryside? The records and duties will be reviewed by the Education Team in the Region to improve the quality standard of Live in or Traditional Education Activities that have been done so far. Notes and tasks of the student experience will be sent back to the new family associated with Traditional Education to improve the experience better.
Additional chapters: Tips on Activity Live in Education Part: 2
Live in Education in Rural Area
Atmosphere with a happy heart and a cheerful stay at Rural Creative, as if framing a sweet memories with proven experience they get from countryside. This might be the expectations of your family, when students attend traditional education in an area that has a serious purpose. The monitoring team will provide quality objectives using the SMILE system. SMILE will meet the needs of students educational standards used by Rural Creative the Traditional Nuance, among others:
  1. (S) : Service
  2. (M) : Morality
  3. (I) : Innovative
  4. (L) : Leadership
  5. (E) : Educational
I hope you are happy with the quality objectives are developed by a team of education in the area. You can read some important links about this Live in Traditional Education.
Impression of Live in Education in Rural Area
Epictravelers - SMA Santa Maria Cimahi Bandung - West Java
Live in Education in Rural Area
Image Reference: SMA Santa Maria Cimahi Bandung - West Java
The students is the beginning of the best impression to keep the Live in Education of rural area to remain standing to be used by your friends or students next section. Valuable lesson is the main purpose of which you should review the differences between your previous life. Create fond memories of countryside and especially for your new family lived. Don't let the service Live in Education in rural areas of stopped, support for rural area and Education Team is very important that you need to convey.
The first day of your arrival until the end of the activity, or when you return home. They or your new family is always beside you. Giving support is also very important for your new family in the rural area Live in Traditional Education. This is one of affection that might leave sadness when you get home. This is a mom and dad in the countryside, that you are in the countryside is part of their family in the countryside. Yea ... maybe this is a touch or their hospitality, a lovely opportunity for an early way of educating you. In order for you to wake up to achieve the dream in the future much better. "You might forget about them, but they will not forget you".
SMP Tarakanita 4 Jakarta
The real journey in the countryside - Live in Education Yogyakarta
Image Reference: SMP Tarakanita 4 Jakarta - West Java
Understanding how they live in the countryside is goal to encourage you to be more active and share your affection for them, so that the values of togetherness you and they or anyone you know to remain well preserved. We can learn to respect each other, about: differences in customs, culture, people, conditions, environment and so on. Behind it all is the true story of you who has been a real journey with them in the countryside.
Busy activity and are ready to work toward the students as if will minimize the time to train themselves about morality and the cultured way of life. High environmental effect will lead to follow these environmental influences. Besides, you aren't a robot, after graduating from school are faced with hard work and an environment that isn't ready to accept about that fact.
We can learn about the activities gradually, Live in Education on "Rural Creative" is one of the lessons and experiences for the initial capital at a later date, and the opportunity to get to know the environment and learn to adjust with others.
SMP Santa Laurensia Serpong, Tangerang Banten - West Java
Industry practice "Visit on Business" - Live in Education Yogyakarta
Image Reference: SMP Santa Laurensia Alam Sutra Serpong, Tangerang Banten - West Java
Rural Creative and Live in Traditional Education, will always create a warm atmosphere with them. Furthermore, the new family and the monitoring team will give a good referral so that students understand fully.
Plans and create new experiences
Live in Education is one of the most interesting experiences in school. Live in Education will provide a special space for the best chance to demands an additional science. It all can only be counted on the fingers, that the "Live in Education", majority can only be done during school time, and will expand the student experience plan. On the other hand also to expand the view and the experience of students in the future.
Do you do "Live in Education" when the school? This is very good. Opportunity "Live in Educational" can only be done at that time. You can follow the action live in at a later time to consider the other side or Live in Activity in Yogyakarta - Live in Mandiri and or live-in designed personally conducted with colleagues or friends relatives.
The above is a brief overview of the epic world of travelers to share the moment - "Live in" in the Rural Creative Education in Yogyakarta (2014 - 2015), and some the Schools have been doing these activities. This description is based on the schedules and activities of students in rural areas from the first to the end of the activities reviewed by the best friends" in the "Epictravelers Pedesaan". Hopefully my answer helps, about: How do the Live in Education in Yogyakarta? and our answers: Tips on Activity Live in Education Part: 2 provides an overview of various forms of tips and activities.
You can also do this Live in Education in several places in the Destination of Yogyakarta - Tourist Village. This is the end of this article; Greetings from us, and greetings from the rural areas.
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