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Watu Ploso

Watu Ploso

Watu of meaning "stone" or "Watu" in the Java language, while Ploso many local residents who supposes a large rock, hard rock, and there are judging this is a large stone slabs and wide like a stretch mat (Kloso in Javanese language). This stone has been there thousands of years ago, and around this rock was once a place for smedi or meditate Mbah Marijan with relatives or local residents. Perhaps this is one of the great rock and longest in Sleman, Yogyakarta.
Epic travelers - Watu Ploso towards green forest
Image Reference: Watu Ploso towards green forest
If we were in the village of Kinahrejo we stepped to the west of the park. Or we are through the entrance after parking. And we went to the north is approximately 4 - 5 km to reach the place.
This is a photo taken from the west side of the slope. This activity simultaneously the Kali Kuning adventure or search performed by Epic travelers comrades were conducted Tuesday, November 5, 2013, which coincides with the New Year Hijriyah 1435.
Thickness of the rock on the south side to reach 5 - 7 meters with hard rock structures. This is a very large rock that we found during exploration at Kali Kuning. The long stone approximately 25 - 26 meters to the north and with a width of about 4 - 5 meters. In the middle there is a basin that is the path of water flow. Stone or gravel carried by water and gradually eroding the stone. If seen this stone is damaged on the south side.
This is incredibly awesome and very unusual, looking at the landscape around. To relax during the trip, our group sat on a cliff while taking pictures. It was a beautiful moment never forgotten. My curiosity more, our entourage down off a cliff. Watu Ploso area scenery a very open, because Mount Merapi eruption 2010 years ago.
Now, the area around where the grass begins to grow green. It is a process that takes a long time to be able to shelter under a beautiful green forest.
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
Copyright 2013 EPICtravelers.COM

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