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Batik Yogyakarta Indonesia

Batik Yogyakarta Indonesia

Batik Indonesia is officially included in the 76 cultural heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and culture of the United Nations (UNESCO) and Batik Day in Indonesia commemorated in september. Batik became part of the 76 arts and traditions of 27 countries in the list of UNESCO.
The exploration of the batik museum, only have two points of interest. First in Ullen Sentalu Museum and in the middle of the city of Yogyakarta. One of batik museum is located at Jalan Sutomo No.13A Jogjakarta. Batik Museum was founded May 12, 1977 occupies an area of approximately 600 meters and a building area of approximately 400 meters. Beginning of this museum was founded by the descendants of the family of batik entrepreneurs Mr. Hadi Nugraha. On his love of batik were hereditary, then the collection of his ancestors was very much between 1880 to the present. The collections in the museum include: canting, cap for batik, batik fabrics and others.
Epic travelers - Batik Yogyakarta Indonesia
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This museum is a place that is owned / managed privately, as well as batik production centers or the most excellent results in Yogyakarta. In the Batik Museum also been awarded from Record Muri Indonesia, the biggest batik work measuring 90 x 400 cm, and was awarded the same as the first initiators and founding embroidered batik in Indonesia.
Batik Cloth
The ancient batik fabric has a very diverse meanings, to know this you can ask by experts in Yogyakarta batik. Below is a glimpse of the types of Batik:
• Batik Jumputan
Batik Jumputan is batik cloth that processing by binding to a white cloth, and then the fabric is dipped in the dye. This fabric will be dry in the sun and then the bond is released. This fabric after so will have a pattern resembling white flowers. Jumputan white color on the fabric, due to bonding to the fabric. So the the dye doesn't enter the fabric which bound.
• Batik Lurik
Batik Lurik is a fabric batik further highlight forms elongated lines. This fabric is more dominant with dress shirts that can be used in official events.
• Batik Cap (Stamp)
Batik Cap (Stamp) is made using the stamp tool / mold. Batik stamp sooner finished than done by hand. Batik usually pick one color, which is often used as the colors: brown, red, green or blue color.
• Batik Hand
Batik Hand is a whole piece of cloth batik is done by hand or traditional 'ways (manual way). Workmanship by hand takes more time between one or one and half months. For the price of batik cloth by hand is usually more expensive because a deeper complexity.
• Batik Printing
Batik Printing is done with computerized equipment and printers. It is also faster, almost similar to the batik stamp. Batik printing usually only in the line drawing, and then coloring is still using the human hand to produce attractive colors.
Hand batik and batik printing almost have in common. If you choose truly batik is done by human hands. You can ask the experts formal batik in Yogyakarta, or you can visit at the center of batik craft/makers directly.
Batik is also exported to foreign countries such as Malaysia, Singapura, Australia, Japan and others. Another form of batik cloth in the overseas market behavior is a dress shirt, pants, fan, table cloths and others. But for this batik fabric focus more on the domestic market. To create jobs or seamstress that will be developed more widely in many forms which are then exported to foreign countries.
Take Batik Yogyakarta Indonesia, a little to walk along the street Malioboro in Yogyakarta, where there are hundreds of shops and roadside vendors offering various kinds of export quality. Visit Beringharjo in Yogyakarta to collect the famous batik and striated fabric.
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
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