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Geledekan Games

Geledekan Games

Did you ever see this game? This game is an ancient game, perhaps now is rarely found and played by children. Geledekan is a game of toy cars made of wood. This Geledekan isn't ordinary cars, which just pulled it. See (Figure A). This Geledekan often played the children, and only one person ride. Geledekan also often run by three children, the first interesting part geledekan, passenger and driver.
Epic travelers - Geledekan Games
Image Reference: Geledekan ancient game
To prevent rapid deterioration wheels are often made from pieces of jackfruit wood or teak wood and then the axle or wheel hub usually use an iron that isn't easily bent. Then use a plastic rope or rope Dadung made of bamboo. To draw attention to often add colorful decorative lights that use battery power. The battery light is usually used at night. A long time ago, this game became one of the means of exciting activities in the village.
Geledekan (Figure B) made thrust, geledekan made from coconut trees. How to make it pretty easy. Geledekan there are when about a neighbor who set aside chunks of coconut trees. Because it can't be used for household fuel and often left to rot away. And then the children, returning make a hollow in the middle as the center of the wheel. then given as bamboo or board seat for children can ride. This Geledekan besides playing children was also used as a transport.
These vehicles are often used by adults as transport vehicles such as sand and stone. Of cheaply made, although very heavy vehicles to be used for them.
Geledekan Games (Figure B) turned out to be easily damaged. Damaged often occurs in the center of the wheel, so it is difficult to push. This can we realize that the palm tree in the middle can be easily damaged.
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
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